Monday, September 28, 2015

Be Bold and Without Abandon

I became a Christian, a true blue born-again Christian, later in life. I was 26. While this may seem young, when I look to friends of mine, they were Christians from very early in life. They did Bible drills, they memorized Bible verses, they talk to Jesus as if he were their best friend. I have never had this relationship with Jesus or the Bible until I was 26. Now, I am trying to learn where the books of the Bible are. Heck, half the time, I am trying to figure out what the books of the Bible are. I haven't memorized Bible verses until a couple months ago. I am still finding it hard to jam them in to my brain and somehow glue them in there. I am learning. I am working on it. I am trying my hardest. 

Right there it is. MY hardest. The hardest thing for me to do since becoming a Christian has been to give it to God, stand boldly before the throne, and the live without abandon. As a person there are "impossible"s in life, but with God in our corner, there is no impossible. Look at the mountains and the oceans. He created those, and He created me. So, why am I not willing to let Him handle my problems? I believe that it is because I am scared. I do not want to give it to God and then fail. I feels as though I would be failing God. So, I let the fear of failure stop me. 

The Bible commands us over and over and over again to "Fear Not", "Have No Fear", "Be Bold", but what does that mean to me, living in rural Virginia in 2015? How do you live without fear and in a world that pushes us to accept the very ills and travails that the Bible warns about? 

Now, don't get me wrong, following a calling across the country to a new job in a new field with a husband, four dogs, and a cat was pretty bold; however, what about the little things in life. What about those daily pains and nuances?  What about that frustrating conversation at work in which someone didn't do what they promised to do? What about that morning traffic that made you late to the most important meeting of your career, even though you left your house with double the time it takes you to get there? What do we do then? It is easy for someone to say, "Give it to God", "Fear not, God will handle it", or "God has a plan", but let's be honest, doesn't that just make everyone angry? It shouldn't, for the Bible is our guiding principle in life, right. I know that I feel like a bad Christian, and to be honest, a horrible person, when I want to yell at those people who always have a cheerful response from the Bible. 

"You know what?" I want to say "The Bible isn't all cheery and lovely. The Bible is full of heartache and pain and trials." The Bible is a story of hope and care, but not every single thing in the Bible resolves in a pretty package. No, the Good News of the Bible is not that you will live a happy and perfect life. The Good News is that by putting your faith in Jesus Christ, you will have a wonderful life in eternity; however, your life here on Earth may not reflect that gloriousness that Jesus is promising. 

So, this means that we need to just wait out our annoying, awful, and irritating lives on Earth in glorious hope for the eternal life that Jesus is preparing for us? NO! We are still called to be Bold and to live without Abandon. Those posts floating around Social Media claiming that the Bible says "Fear Not" 365 or 366 times for the purpose of assuring us every single day of God's love may not be true, but so what? Being bold and living without abandon is not just about living without fear. It is about living in hope and in strength that there is better things to come, and it is about being so excited and so on fire for this Good News that you want every person you encounter to experience that glorious eternity with you. 

Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is scary. I am not a bold person. I want to stay home, read my Bible, love my Lord, and have a wonderful life with my family. That is not my calling though. That is not any of our callings. Each person is different; however, each person has that fire inside ready to go! Join me as I explore various verses of the Bible encouraging us to Be Bold, Live without Abandon, and to be On Fire for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

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