Friday, September 25, 2015

New Life, New Direction, New Series

Prayer: Lord Father, Thank you for all of the blessings you have showered down on my family over the past many months. Thank you for enlightening me and bestowing so much grace upon me even though I am so unworthy. 

Wow, so much has happened since my Mother's Day post. I began putting off posting due to some major life changes and then I let those life changes take off and overwhelm me. So, this is a quick catch up post and I will introduce a new series that I am working on. This time I am serious. This time I will not fail. This time I will let the Lord's strength and power lead my way.

My husband and I visited my in-laws in Virginia over the Easter holiday. We had a wonderful visit and some wonderful time together to meditate, pray, and reflect. As we did so, we felt drawn back to rural Virginia. We began to ask God to open the doors and show us the way if that was his will. That night as my husband was on the computer, he came across a job posting that looked as though it was divinely written for me:

Job Summary:
The Equine Support Services Coordinator manages the day-to-day operations of the Equine program.
Essential Job Functions:
Coordinates events for the Equine Center
Compiles a task sheet to be completed by the employees on a daily basis
Supervises the acquisition of supplies including feed and equipment
Oversees the care of the horse herd
Schedules monthly vet and farrier appointments
Develops the riding program including all work projects
Orders and picks up supplies from farm store weekly
Non-Essential Job Duties/Tasks:
Meets with visitors as needed
Promotes PHFS to the surrounding community as the opportunities arise
Updates the social media site for the Equine Center
Oversees the upkeep, maintenance, and overall appearance of grounds
Supervises the Equine Center's fund raising events, which are held two to three times a year
Work Contacts/Employees Supervised:
Communication in person, and/or utilizing email or telephone:
Daily – peers, supervisor
Weekly – directors/peers from various departments

We prayed and took the chance to apply for the position. We put it in God's hands. We decided that we wouldn't push the opportunity, but if God opened the door, then we would boldly walk through. Was it hard? ABSOLUTELY. Was is stressful? OH YES. Was it hurtful at time? HORRIBLY. After several months, we received word that I had gotten the position. My husband spoke with his job and they smoothly and quickly processed a cross-country transfer. We followed God's leading, but the devil continually had his hands in the move. With God's help and encouragement everything was completed.

We have now been in Virginia for a little over 90 days. It has been a glorious move. I absolutely love my job. It has not been without it's hiccups, but it is glorious. My husband is enjoying a rapid move-up within his job as well. We are loving being closer to family and friends. I miss my family every single day and wish there was a way that we could be close to both sides of our family. I pray that one day God will find a way for this to happen; however, for now, we are happy to be near part of our family. I am planning a trip to see my family in a few weeks for my sister's bridal shower. We will then see them again in November for my sister's wedding. I will then find a way to be back for the Christmas holidays. I am hoping and praying that this trend continues and my chance to see my family only increases as we move forward with our lives in Virginia.

So, my family has a new life spreading out before us. Wow. Since moving to Virginia we have not found a home church, so I have been listening to my Colorado church online. We are trying a new church this weekend. This one is a Calvary Chapel, which is what our Colorado home church is, so I have high hopes. I miss the fellowship and the uplifting joy that a home church can bring. I have started a women's Bible Study on Tuesday nights, so that has helped.

Finally, that brings me to the new blog series I am beginning. I have recently seen a post floating around on Social Media similar to the following:

In researching the truth behind these claims, I have found so much conflicting information. So, I am going to explore this. Is the phrase actually in the Bible 365 times? Is the sentiment? Is the thought? Is it just another social media falsity? I hope you will join me as I embark on a VERY ambitious journey to prove or debunk this information, study my Bible more closely day by day, and stay onest and accountable to the task! 

Here. We. Go.  

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