About the Project

I  .  AM  .  SAVED

What does that mean? How have I changed? Where do I go from here?

With my Catholic heritage, I always rolled my eyes when people said that they were saved, or you should be saved. I went to college a mere 25 minutes from one of the largest christian universities in the country, so I heard about being saved a lot. I wasn't taught about being saved when I was younger. My young and naive thought was that I was baptized, I went to communion, I was confirmed, and I went to confession so therefore my salvation was assured. 

I am in no way saying that everyone/anyone who believes in the Catholic path to salvation is wrong. I am saying that my perception of what was taught was wrong. My passe laze faire attitude concerning my faith and salvation was wrong. Unfortunately, I experienced this far too often in the Catholic Church; however, I also know many wonderful Catholics who love the Lord and have been saved and born again and still follow the rituals as a way to stay close to the Lord. That is wonderful. Ritual in and of itself is not wrong or bad; however, the thought that ritual will save you, well that is where I fell short. 

Now that I have been saved and have a true relationship with the Lord, what is next. I know that my first and foremost goal is to read His Word. How can I spread the good news and live a Christ-like life if I don't know the instruction manual that my Father left for me?  

For the past 6 months I have strived to develop a deeper relationship and understanding of The Word and The Savior described within. I have bought devotionals, I have bought commentaries, I have bought resources; however, none of them have spoken to me in the way I need. I have a very fast paced brain. I like to understand the story and the cross references at the same time. It is very hard for me to simply read cover to cover as most devotionals suggest because I do not have a foundational understanding.

So, I am embarking on a new project. My project is to read and understand and memorize the Word of God in a manner that works for me. I am a real person and a real beginner. I hope that writing and journaling will help me to better understand and make sense of what I am reading. 

Additionally, I am hoping that this will help other new believers and even people who have been long time believers to read the bible in a new way. Has this been done? I don't know. I am not trying to recreate the wheel, I am simply trying to produce a real-talk real-life way to study the bible and develop and understand The Word and relationship with The Lord. 

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