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As I write I will be categorizing posts. The main categories will be:
  1. Scripture - This is when I am studying and delving in to a certain scripture with cross references and story telling. These are specific bible passages with my study commentaries.
  2. Pastoral Teachings - These are thematic teachings that I have read or listened to and believe are strong enough or important enough to relate to The Project. Many of these are from Sunday or Wednesday services at my bible teaching church.
  3. Personal Experience - These posts are stories about my life and how The Project is affecting my experiences or how I am living the stories that I am learning. 
  4. Christian Living - These posts are my own thoughts and commentaries about living a Christ-like lifestyle. These topics will evolve as my life evolves. 
If there is a certain category of post that you would like to read, you may click the label on the right.

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